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_unity : Utility Library for Unity 3D



_Unity – Unity 3D Utility Library

Utility Library for Unity Game Engine

This is my take on a utility library for Unity Engine. It has some GUI Scaling Utility Methods, some Debugging Methods, Array Utilities and some other methods. 

This is an ongoing project which I’ll be updating over time.

_Unity Utility Library for Unity Game Engine

Download from Github


Put the _unity.dll file into Assets/Plugins directory, use namespace “_unity” and use it directly.



  • public static void l(string msg)

prints a string to the debug console with current time and date and other info e.g. _.l(“Hello”);

  • public static void ExecOnce(Callback callback,ref bool limiter)

Executes a method only once inside all loop functions ( update, OnGUI, etc)

  • public static void GUISetup(float customWidth=1366f,float customHeight=768f)

Sets up GUI Scaling correctly. Call this at first line of each OnGUI. e.g. _.GUISetup(); e.g. _.GUISetup(800f,480f);

Feel free to ask any questions regarding _unity as this is a very basic utility library for Unity 3D engine. Catch me on google @ +AbhishekDeb.



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