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#GameDevStream – 01. Catch The Egg



GameDevStream is a series of Live Video Streams of Indie Game Development. This is the first video of a casual game “Catch The Egg”. Use the arrow buttons to move the basket left or right and try to actually “catch the egg” (s) to score higher.


Video 1: Catch The Egg

So, I have decided to start a new Youtube Playlist and upload my streams of Video Game Development, called #GameDevStream. Its basically for beginners and intermediates. Advanced Videos will follow. I am very new to this screen-cast things and so, thought of experimenting with it. The main goal of this initiative is to put a “feel” online how “Game Developers” actually code.

See the Video:


This is the first game development video of the series #GameDevStream. Its a 2 hour + Video of a simple game “Catch The Egg”. Of-course there are a LOTTTT of things that needs to be taken care of in the game development ( pooling, Managers, etc) but this is just to show how quickly you can make a game, and what feel goes into it. The Next Videos will contain more in-depth improvements (Delegates, Messaging System, Singletons, etc).

The Source Code has been uploaded on BitBucket.

Feel free to ask any questions and criticize to your satisfaction. Also, I am looking for other people who are interested in this project and want to share their experience with.




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