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New Android Game Launched – Unlock Me



New Android Game Launched – Unlock Me

Skipbit Labs

Unlock Me – Top Addictive game is live on Google Play Store. Get it now… and after that, read the story below.

Screenshot of Unlock Me

Get Unlock Me on Google Play

The game is an ongoing experiment ( which will be revealed after 6 to 8 months  from today) on Human Psychology, Advertising Networks, and many more. Now lets talk about the game.

I was just browsing through Google Play store for casual games.
Then suddenly, one game struck me with its simplicity. I called up my friends and after playing for some time, we figured out we need to make this game to understand how everything works.

Damn, working for 48 hours straight, I finally got everything working. The game was up and running on my mobile. And the story below shows how me and some of my friends made it possible to make a simple game in 2 days.



It was Friday night and we played the original game ‘Pop the Lock’ for some time. After playing it, we realized the simplicity and unobtrusiveness of the game UI. I fell in love with it. The Game Devs have done a great job.

Now, I decided to clone it to understand what really goes into making a game like this. And thankfully, I learned a lot in the process, which I am going to share now. Before you start reading, let me tell you that this post will be covered in a span of a week from today. Also, I decided not to keep it as a draft only.



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