Why work in Game Industry when IT companies pay better?

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Why work in Game Industry when IT companies pay better?



Why work in Game Industry when IT Companies pay better?

A very interesting, and yet, disappointing question revolves me around by many friends, friends of friends, and strangers – “Why would I work in a Game Industry when IT companies are paying me better?“.

Before even starting this discussion, I would like to highlight the fact that Game Industry doesn’t consists of only Programmers and Testers. Artists create assets and they themselves are a great asset to

the Game Industry. 
And then, there are many more people who are deeply associated to the game industry – Musicians, Production team, Effects and VFX team, Design(not limited to UI) team, and QA people, and many more. So, speaking exclusively about programmers in context of the question about Game Industry will be somewhat biased, partial and incomplete. However, for the sake of specific discussion, we assume that this question was asked by a group of people belonging to IT industry and thinking about Game Industry as an alternative.

So, coming back to the question – why work in a game industry when IT companies pay better?

  1. If you are really passionate about making things what you and others enjoy playing, you would never ask this question at first point. If your only reason to live is earning money through what-so-ever way, you may want to reconsider reading this blog further. IMHO (In My Honest Opinion), companies in Game Industries won’t hire you if you have just played a couple of games and think, “it’ll be cool to work there”. You must play at-least that much that it compels you to think, “How did they make that s***” or “They must have used Alien Technology to make this game” or “I wish someday I will grab a game title in a local game store that has my code written in it“. If you are even getting close to what I am trying to say, then my friend, you would NEVER EVER ask this question.
  2. Another point is that the question does not always hold true. You get the freedom to wear whatever you want in the office, have this cool feeling that you are making a thing that hundreds or thousands or may be millions of people will be enjoying. And I think this itself is a better pay!
    And, if you end up in big gates like EAActivisionCriterion StudiosUbiSoftZynga, etc, the pay is way cooler than other software engineering disciplines.
  3. Oh and lastly, you may start with small pay, but later on, its going to be BIGGER than any IT job.

Marc Mencer says, ” there does seem to be a lower average salary for programmers in the game industry when compared with business programmers from equal positions of experience and education. If that is the case, why would anyone want to work for less money doing the same job?

The truth of the matter is that, while the skill of programming may be the same or similar, the jobs are completely different. On a game project, you have a good time working on a piece of entertainment. You also have more liberal hours and you don’t have to wear a suit to work. The bottom line is to imagine whether you would want to work on a project writing drivers for printers or on a project making the next Doom.”

That explains it all why you should work in Game Industry rather than anything else even if IT Companies pay better.

Still thinking why work in Game Industry when IT Companies pay better??

Having said that, people working in Game Industry often go through tough times as well. Sometimes 17 hours a day. I’ve read somewhere about a wife writing a blog against EA how the manager of a certain EA studio almost ruined the life of her Husband by making him work day and night. Some companies even go bankrupt before even publishing a single game. Still, why work there? – Read again from atop!

I myself belong to IT background and I do not have any personal grudge over being in IT Industry. This is my view to clarify on what people think, misinterpret and misunderstand about the payment and comfort in Game Industry. At the end of the day, if you have no complaints over your job, consider yourself Lucky!



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